7 Minimalist Apartment Home Improvement Tips

An apartment is usually not the most spacious living space. Therefore, the less complicated its interiors are, the more modern and roomier it would appear. A minimalist apartment not just looks stylish, but also gives you a “clean” vibe. Not to mention, maintaining a minimalist space is much easier compared to an apartment that has furniture and décor pieces all over the place. If you’d like to clean and declutter your apartment and also give its interiors a visual boost simultaneously, the following seven minimalist apartment home improvement tips would help.


A minimalist apartment should sport a cleaner look with minimal distractions. To get started, list out items you absolutely need in the house and consider donating or selling the excess stuff off. You may donate to friends and family or any local thrift store. And there are multiple ways to sell your old stuff. A garage sale, for example, is a great way to do it.

Adopt a Subdued Style

Besides freeing up space, also make sure you pass up overbearing, ornate, fussy and formal interior décor. Instead, go simple, tidy, and clean. However, that doesn’t mean your space should be devoid of any style or look pure utilitarian. Express your own style but do it in the most elegant way possible.

Go Light with the Colors

As far as colors go, the basic whites, grays, and blacks would do the trick. Your color base for the house should most likely be a neutral hue. You could always work yourselves up from there. You may, for instance, add some color either in the form of furniture, décor, or an accent wall. This should create a central focus point and draw attention. If you do not fancy the traditional neutral colors, you may opt for a monochromatic color scheme. It’s basically different shades and tones of a particular color.

Look for Simple, Functional Furniture

Your apartment furniture should have a clean design and also offer great functionality. If it’s a couch, for instance, it should be comfortable to be seated on. If the couch is multifunctional, then that would be sweeter. For example, a multipurpose sofa would be great since it could offer seating during the day and can be turned into a bed for your overnight guests. As far as color goes, you may go fancy – for instance, get a yellow couch. But make sure the couch is completely yellow and doesn’t have multiple colors breaking its flow.

Use Statement Art

For an apartment, a piece of art might seem odd and unnecessary. But it’s an often-overlooked design trick that creates a sense of space in any room. It serves as the room’s focal point and is a great way to exhibit your aesthetics or style, which is a must for any Home improvement enthusiast.

Conceal Storage Spaces

There are different ways to hide storage areas in your apartment. The aforementioned couch, for instance, could also offer you invaluable and discreet storage room. If you have a collection of hats, you could have them neatly tucked away behind doors so that you don’t have to see them when you don’t want to.

Vertical Greenery

If you would like to incorporate plants in your apartment without using up any floor or counter space, consider setting up a vertical garden. This entails employing an empty wall and strategically mounting plants. You may do them one over the other or have them crisscrossing. Make sure the area doesn’t look overcrowded. In other words, if there’s room for only two levels of plants, don’t try to accommodate three or more.